My Touch - Teach Little Ones about Textures
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My Touch - Teach Little Ones about Textures

Jeffrey Turner

What feels squishy, fluffy, sticky, or soft to you? Talking about sensory experiences can help children process them. In this brightly illustrated board book, an adorable--and relatable--prickly porcupine names and describes a variety of textures, inspiring children and caregivers to talk about how things feel.

Author-illustrator Jeffrey Turner has worked with many autistic children and special needs children, and has seen that these children often need help in identifying what they are feeling, as they dont always have the words to do so. He has also raised a child with special needs, who wanted to understand what he was feeling, imagined or real, and why. He used his experiences to create this book in hopes it would be a tool for all young children to understand themselves.


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