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Intrepid Explorers (Horrible Geography)
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Intrepid Explorers (Horrible Geography)

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Geography with the gritty bits left in! Does geography grind you down? Fed up with miserable maps, rotten rock piles and tiresome tests? Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons as you step into the wide world of globetrotting "Intrepid Explorers". Marvel! As Ferdinand Magellan is first to sail around the world. Shudder! As Mary Kingsley finds body bits in her jungle hut. Shiver! As Captain Scott reaches the South Pole (only to find he's been beaten to it). And if that's not daring enough for you...find out how some intrepid explorers found their way without maps, why others always travelled in disguise, and what really happened on the expeditions in their secret diaries. It's earth-shatteringly exciting! Geography has never been so horrible!

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